Helpful Tips for Studying Online

One of the hardest parts about completing a master's degree online is finding the motivation and discipline needed to actually do the work. Next time you have the urge to turn on the television rather than buckle down and study, check out these excellent blogs for study tips and advice on some of the most common online study programs:

  • The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University is worthy of bookmarking for any student, regardless of the degree you are pursuing. OWL comes complete with grammar guides, citation and referencing guides, and tips for business and technical writing.
  • Many graduate courses such as teaching, social work, and psychology require that students pass an exam to acquire certification. An excellent blog to look at if you have such an exam looming is Teaching Solutions, which discusses tips for passing all sorts of tests including the PRAXIS, the PLACE, and the GACE.
  • Study Guide Zone is another great place to go for test preparation. It has test advice and tips for exams right across the board, including business tests, financial tests, teachers' tests, and vocational tests.
  • One of the best study guides on the web today is Study Guides and Strategies, which breaks down studying into a number of sections, including Time Management, Problem Solving, and Memorizing. With an entire section dedicated to Online Learning and Communicating, you will be able to acquire the basic study tools needed to succeed in any online course.
  • For students pursuing an online Master of Business Administration course, check out the MBA Depot, an excellent online source for advice and studying tips for the next generation of CEOs and CFOs.
  • Online Master of Education students can benefit immensely from Sites for Teachers, which links to hundreds of educational websites, and has sundry ideas for lesson plans and teaching resources. Sites for Teachers also links to a number of social networks especially designed for new and aspiring teachers.
  • Master of Engineering students can prepare for their examinations and access a number of study tips with The Power to Pass, a site dedicated to licensing and exam prep products for engineering and design students.
  • Master of Psychology students should check out Guide to Psychology, a sassy blog that offers a quick review of all things psychology, plus plenty of links to different psychology organizations.
  • Master's degree students majoring in other programs such as Criminal Justice, Fine Arts, or Health Sciences can benefit from browsing through associations and organizations in their specific field of study. For example, the National Criminal Justice Association offers an Education and Events section.

Earning an online master's degree is a smart way to advance your career and stand out from the others in your field. Using these resources to find your ideal program, you will be well on your way to attaining a promotion, enhancing your job fulfillment , and expanding your career options for the future.

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