Where to Look for Scholarships

There are a number of different sorts of scholarships available for online master's degree students. Essentially, there are school-specific scholarships, organization and association scholarships , and community scholarships. Ideas for finding scholarships include talking to community businesses, searching through online databases, and checking with your online graduate school of choice.

  • One of the best places to look for scholarships and financial aid assistance is your school's website. American Intercontinental University, for example, offers a Career Education Scholarship Fund program for their online graduate and undergraduate students. Almost all accredited online schools offer scholarship programs. Check under the Financial Aid or Student Services sections on their websites.
  • Many organizations offer scholarship opportunities, such as Scholastic, which sponsors the Big Dream Scholarship annually, in association with the American College of Education.
  • You should also check with associations related to your master's degree of choice. For those pursuing an online Master of Business Administration degree, for example, the National Black MBA Association sponsors an MBA Scholarship Program, as does the National Society of Hispanic MBA's.
  • Degree Directory sponsors a $500 scholarship for online master's degree students.
  • Scholarship search engines are a great place to continue your search for online master's degree scholarships. Keep in mind that with many scholarship search websites, you may have to register for their services, but you should never have to pay for a scholarship search.
  • The best place to go on the web is Student Aid on the Web, a scholarship database sponsored by the US Department of Education. You can browse scholarships by keywords (master's degree, MBA, MFA etc.). Scholarship information includes a website, contact information, and scholarship details including the amount, the program specifics , and the eligibility requirements.
  • Another excellent site for scholarships is FastWeb, which connects you to more than 3.4 billion dollars in scholarship opportunities. Once you sign up and fill in your information, FastWeb finds scholarships that match your details.
  • Other excellent scholarship databases include School Soup, College Net, College Answer, and College Board. All of these databases are free, and offer a simple search engine that uses your personal information, your background history, and your intended area of study to find the best possible scholarship matches for your higher education.
  • Although it may be tempting to send one universal scholarship application to a number of different schools and organizations, you are unlikely to be very successful with this approach. Scholarship boards are looking for your personality to shine through. Be honest and upfront about your accomplishments, your goals, and your desire to succeed in your online master's degree program. Include sports teams, organizations, and volunteer work you have accomplished, as community involvement is often a factor in determining the best candidate.
  • Always remember that the best way to stand out from the crowd is to double and triple-check all your answers for spelling and grammatical errors. The wrong ‘there' could end up costing you $1,000 in tuition. Take your time to ensure this does not happen to you.

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