Top 10 Most Popular Online Master's Degrees

There are a vast range of master's degree programs now available online, including some of the most sought-after graduate degree such as the Master of Business Administration and Master of Education. The Council of Graduate Studies and the National Center for Educational Statistics indicate the most popular master's degree programs from 2008. They are:

  1. Master of Business Administration - The leader in online master's degree programs, a Master of Business is aimed at aspiring managers, executives, supervisors , and administrators. Course instruction includes corporate finance, marketing, business law, business statistics, and statistics. Many schools including the University of Phoenix offer this prestigious degree.
  2. Master of Arts in Education - Courses include curriculum and instruction, educational assessment and evaluation, instructional technology, and leadership of educational organizations. For aspiring teachers and current teachers looking to fast-track their careers a great place to start is an MA in Education, offered, for instance, at the American InterContinential University.
  3. Master of Public Health - A Master of Public Health lets you advance your career in the public health sector, whether your position is that of a health consultant, a program coordinator, or an administrator. Kaplan University is one of the leading names in online education and offers an excellent online MPH program.
  4. Master of Public Administration - This degree provides instruction in financial management, budgeting, quantitative methods, urban planning, redevelopment, and personnel management. It is ideal for professionals interested in building careers as urban planners, NGO directors, civil engineers, personnel managers, legislative advisors, and policy analysts. Ashford University offers one of the most sought-after online programs.
  5. Master of Engineering - Engineers can advance to positions as project managers or systems engineers with this degree. Colorado Tech is one of many online schools offering this program.
  6. Master of Science in Psychology - Capella University provides an excellent master's degree program for students interested in careers in the mental health industry. Courses include legal and ethical issues in psychology, psychological assessment, behavioral studies, and cognitive perspectives.
  7. Master of Science in Criminal Justice - Everest Online University is one school that offers this prestigious master's degree, with courses in terrorism, forensic science, administration, hostage negotiation, and law enforcement. Completion of this degree can lead to a career in forensics, crime prevention, or criminal investigation.
  8. Master of Science in Information Technology - Virginia Tech Online is one of the leading online schools for technical degrees, including the Master of Science in Information Technology. This degree includes courses on networking, software development, information security, business information systems, and decision support systems.
  9. Master of Science in Nursing - Qualified nurses considering advancing their careers can do so most effectively with an MSN. There are a number of programs offered by Grand Canyon University, including courses in healthcare research, ethics, policy and finance, and nursing education.
  10. Master of Social Work - Another popular master's degree, the Master of Social Work can lead to a range of careers in mental and community health at schools, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. Saint Leo University offers a 62-credit program that includes coursework in human behavior, social welfare policy, and advanced clinical practice.

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