Online Master's Degrees in Computer Science

A master's degree in computer science, or CS, is a prerequisite for many advanced jobs in software design and network administration, especially if your undergraduate degree is not in computer science but another field. Getting this degree online makes a lot of sense, since performing tasks via a computer is, after all, a vital component of the job you are hoping to obtain.

Most computer science degrees take the form of the M.S., the Master of Science. Hofstra University in Long Island, New York offers one such degree through its online education program. After getting a foundation in the discipline of computer science, students can branch out into advanced topics such as network security and mobile device programming. If you do not have a computer science background when entering the program, you will need to demonstrate proficiency in key areas like discrete mathematics, computer architecture and Calculus II in order to be accepted.

The online computer science master's degree program at Colorado State University has won many laurels. It has been cited as a "top notch degree program" by, and Colorado State is one of the top five universities in the world when it comes to providing computer-savvy future employees of Hewlett-Packard. The degree does not require a thesis, only 35 credits of coursework. You may use up to 14 transfer credits from your earlier education, as long as you earned a B- or better in those courses. Like the program at Hofstra, you need to have a solid grounding in the fundamentals of computer science before being prepared to embark on graduate-level coursework.

In the online MCS (masters of computer science) program at the University of Illinois, online students take the same curriculum as the students in a classroom, down to the same lectures, assignments, exams and projects. This means that there is a bit less freedom in terms of scheduling than online students are typically used to. However, if you are taking the online course, you can choose between being a full-time student, enrolled in three courses per semester, or a part time student, enrolled in one class per semester. A part time online degree will take longer, but will allow you to take advantage of one of the primary benefits to an online classroom: not having to quit your current job in order to attend classes during the day.

An online computer science degree is one of the most respected online master's degrees available, so find a program that suits your needs and start studying toward the computer career you want.